40-year-old women’s backpacks are exquisite, the 3 kinds of bags are best to carry less, the money should be spent on the blade

There is more than one beauty in this world. On the contrary, this is a colorful world, and there are many kinds of beauty. There is no conclusion so far. Of course, the beauty recognized by most people is the classic beauty. 40-year-old women should pursue mature beauty. The beauty of a girl who has abandoned the sense of youth is the beauty of calm. For every woman, the bag is always the most tempting heart. If you wear a combination of clothes without a bag, it always seems to be missing something.

1. Small bags that are too small

The smaller bag is usually worn by young girls. Such a bag is for young girls to see the mountains, but if the back is facing a 40-year-old woman, it is very inappropriate. At first glance, Applying green paint like an old cucumber to make it softer, 40-year-old women basically have passed the time of pestering their children and do not need to bring too much luggage when they go out.

Suggestion: Change to an organ corner bag of the right size.

It is not necessarily impossible to carry the brand’s bag, but it is similar to the brand’s bag to a certain extent. The upper body effect is very good. This size is best to be the right organ. It is both feminine and angular. The black bag is very strong, with a chain and The combined action of the belt is very good.

2. PVC waterproof bag

As a Chinese, I don’t understand many brands of bags. For example, the snakeskin bags seen during the Spring Festival travel season in China, the PVC bags that are popular nowadays, etc. Girls are not sensible, and 40-year-old women dress well. Texture, this kind of PVC bag is really inappropriate.

Recommendation: Classical cowhide bag

For 40-year-old mature women, although it cannot be said that they must wear old clothes, they will be more durable when worn, especially on the bag. The classical cowhide bag is the most practical. If you want to pay attention to fashion, the bag will have The bag options with rivets and crocodile patterns are more elegant and mature.

3. Uniquely designed special-shaped bag

Every woman has a fashion heart. Although she pursues some freshness in her bags, there are some exaggerated bags, such as comic bags, special-shaped bags, such as long-haired bags. This cannot be denied, and sometimes it appears when combining clothes. Very delicate, but this kind of bag is more practical only under certain circumstances. Generally, it lacks the stability and elegance suitable for 40-year-old women.