Black gold bag

Inadvertently found that the once unpopular black gold briefcase has become a new trend in 2019. In the spring and summer shows, whether herm รจ s, famous for its elegance or Gucci, famous for its traditional classics, all kinds of big brands have launched the traditional black gold package. The black gold element with serious appearance and steady temperament, with a dignified and elegant posture, adds a light bright gold in the black, and gets on the stage of spring 2019.

The overall design is fashionable and personalized, showing the high grade of the bag. The design is more simple and atmospheric, bringing a strong retro atmosphere. The package adopts exquisite diamond pattern, full of texture and looks more charming. And the metal lines show cool youth vitality, exquisite elegance highlights the retro trend.

Fashionable and versatile solid color embossed one shoulder small square bag, with clear texture, flexible touch, unique style of flip, and Lingge embellishment, instantly breaking the monotony and dullness, highlighting the small fragrance style. Shiny metal logo and chain, with a fresh feeling, hardware to ensure wear-resistant, glossy soft, high quality.