Retro bag

Retro fashion, this year’s focus in the field of women’s bags, lies in the characteristics of the pattern. After Dior and Gucci rebuilt the original old flower pattern and won a lot of praise, the retro logo old flower pattern has become the most popular pattern in recent years. This classic element of ten thousand years not only caters to the retro style of the two years, but also occupies a large area of rivers and mountains in the trend of women’s bags in 2019. The old flowers, which are not retro, belong to a very neutral element. In the spring and summer show, even boys can easily and perfectly control them. The bag with retro and old flowers is designed with rich atmosphere and exquisite and complicated details, which is full of nostalgia. It belongs to the eternal existence in the classic.

Add the old flower pattern to make the bag more exquisite and fashionable, and more fashionable. The daily commute can be easily handled, which shows the elegant temperament of women. The design of metal buckle is simple, showing elegant and mysterious temperament, which can meet the needs of different occasions. The details show the quality. The shoulder belt can be adjusted, and can be used according to their own needs.

The classic atmosphere tote bag, which emits a low light and lustre, looks for norms and changes from simplicity. The retro and fashionable old flower pattern is very eye-catching, the texture of cow leather is very texture, simple square lock is more versatile. In addition, it is also a little casual in the collocation modeling. Whether it’s shopping, going to work, going to school or dating, it has plenty of capacity and is easy to use.